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THE CATERING SERVICE is really suitable for the people who want to make merit monk ceremony, cooperate party, personal party, the wedding, the every event, etc. Today I’ll introduce you just the one of best catering service in Bangkok, Thailand.

CATERING SERVICE is one of Thai restaurants of a charmed CATERING SERVICE. You can ask to estimate the cost. We have the best of materials and taste by the quality of chefs. They are ready to serve every customers. You can get to contact us for a cheap serving banquet, merit making ceremony, off-site buffet, catering for the wedding and snack box for conference. We are opening for this service in many places in Bangkok and perimeter such as Nonthaburi, Ramindra, Bang Na, Lat Phrao, etc. Our shop has been received recommendations from famous websites such as Wongnai and TripAdvisor.

The quality of ingredients and ready to pay attention to every menus

Catering service in Bangkok and nearby areas. We get to be hired the tasks what you need such as wedding, merit making ceremony, make food boxes for a good price with a long experience in food. We get your needs and provide the menus from your budget and the number of invited guests.


Catering service for merit making ceremony

buddha thai food A great number of people in Thailand is a Buddhist who are making merit is normal. We can divide the menus in the event for you. This is really suitable for those who are looking for a service to prepare food for the monks. We accept to prepare food for the monks and support guests. We’ll offer the price for your desired budget and the menus which many people never remind of that. We have many choices of dessert and savories such as Thai, Chinese, Northeastern, and Japanese food which to be happy by both the donors and the participants.




Catering service for banquet

          Thai Catering servicesCatering services, catering, off-site catering and affordable prices for both exhibitors and organizers. We have many menus to choose, with the best selection of ingredients for a pleasant taste, and we also have a menu to recommend popular dishes that customers prefer to order. It’s really good for savories, desserts, buffet dishes, foods for banquet, Chinese dishes and Supports various important tasks.





Making Lunch box service

Thai Lunch box serviceWe can receive to making lunch box for a good price and being worthwhile. It’s really suitable for whoever looks for getting lunch box for many employees. Or lunch box for activities outside of office (anywhere). We can control the cost according to the amount of people and taste you like in your budget.





SNACK BOX for Coffee break service

Coffee break serviceCoffee break catering for seminars that require snacks during break. We have got many choices for you such as bakery for banquet, coffee, Chinese snacks and steamed stuff bun. You can choose from our choices or any menus which you want. And we can manage the ingredient into your budget.



Pros of catering Bangkok service

  • You can choose many menus as your needs. In cases, the service provider will have many menus to choose from. We’ll gives you a lot of options and you can choose as appropriate for the guests.
  • You don’t have to be tired and waste time doing. The Cooking for many people if you are a person who does not have much expertise, it may not be possible to shift the amount of buying individual ingredients. And may not have enough food or excessive problems such as you didn’t plan what time you should cook and you didn’t plan to look for chef assistances.
  • Making guests in the event have fun and are easy to eat. Because it has expertise in arranging various locations for ease of handling. Already scooped food that no need to worry about the provision of equipment to facilitate the participants.

Looking for a professional team for catering, catering outside the premises will help you save time as another important role. It’s really suitable for organizers because you can control the cost and evaluate the budget that needs to be used perfectly in the banquet, cause if you take action or find a department in your company to cook it yourself with a sense of unreality. You may not be able to assess how many guests who come to the event and need to prepare enough food for the participants. The information in this section may make you feel complicated and unable to predict the budget, but the budget target and the number of guests attending the event. By assigning jobs to the CATTING team to be able to calculate the cost with the number of people perfectly. Therefore, it is an important advantage that our catering teams can help you perform this part effectively and can impress the guests who have the opportunity to taste the pleasing food that we have. Choose carefully selected ingredients because customer satisfaction and impression of taste is our commitment.

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